This is a method quite similar to acupuncture, however instead of using needles to stimulate the flow of energy, a pen light with a choice of 11 slim glass rods of different colours are used. The coloured light is applied to the skin on specific points, zones or acupunture meridians, and it has profound and lasting results.

Recent scientific research has proved that the cells throughout the body communicate through the frequency of light. Each colour light carries a particular frequency message.

Individual Treatments

One session or a series of sessions can be custom designed for you according to your need. There are many possibilities of treatment, which can be used according to the subject you would like to work with, whether it is emotional, physical or psychological. Below are some examples of the types of series’ available, they are also available as one off treatments.

Prenatal Series/9 Sessions

A series of nine sessions cleanses trauma stored in the body/mind from the time of conception, the 9 months in the womb, and birth. It also enters into the dimension of the bardo, or the time in between death and rebirth, helping transcend stuck patterns, which repeat over and over. This series is
recommended for any addictive tendencies, deep insecurity issues, or if it is known that the birth has been difficult. It can be done on both children and adults.

Male/Female Balance/9 sessions

This series helps to release negative imprints from the mother and father, thus helping you to discover your own unique truth. It also works to
balance right and left hemispheres of the brain and on the hormonal system. Recommended for any laterality issues or issues around finding your centre.

Transmitter Relays Series/12 sessions

This series is designed to bring about transformation to many areas of life at once. It works on clearing trauma from the following areas; childhood, the time in the womb and birth, past lives and future possibilities. It also releases the causes of physical pain or imbalance and helps to bring healing to the organs and emotions. The series involves emotional release and dream work as hypnosis to tap into your hidden potential. When you are cleansed of trauma on such a level it becomes much easier to discover your light essence.

Body Relays/6 Sessions

This series can only be done after the Transmitter series. It works on releasing negative ancestral imprints, which come though the bloodline. It brings to light the refined potential of your basic DNA.

Sexual Healing Series/12 Sessions

This series is designed to transform any issues around sexuality, such as lack of libido, premature ejaculation, difficulty to experience orgasm, or sexual abuse trauma.