Reiki is an ancient art of healing by touch. The healing energy of Reiki brings healing on all levels: mental, spiritual, physical and emotional. Sessions can be done over clothing.

If there is a wish to be able to give Reiki to yourself and others, this is possible though Attunements/Initations to help reconnect you with the universal (Rei) life force (Ki) and enable you to channel healing energy through your hands. Charaka has been working with Reiki for 24 years.

Sessions: 30mins
Reiki Attunements: 2 afternoons or in a small group 2 days

Ito Thermie is a Japanese method which uses a healing incense to promote the flow of energy, dissolve toxins on all levels and cleanse negative energies. Two small mental cylinders holding custom designed burning incense made of herbs, pine, loquat leaves and moxa, are stroked over the body.
Sessions: 30 mins

Essential Oils Massage Treatments Charaka is trained in Massage, Reflexology, and Indian head massage. She likes to combine any of these treatments with natural essential oils, Ito Thermie, Reiki and Colour Puncture.
Sessions: from 30mins to 2 hours