Upcoming workshops for 2018/2019

On the workshops page you’ll find an updated list of sessions coming up this year and next. If you are interested in any of these sessions please use the contact details provided there.

Here’s a brief overview of those upcoming sessions:

Upcoming Workshops

Constellations Hereford Brockhampton
24/25 November 2018
30/31 March 2019
22/23 June 2019
7/8 September 2019

Devon Deeper Work  four day Residential courses
Training Level One – 5/8 January 2019
Training Level Two –  26/30 April 2019
Training level Three – 19/23 July 2019
Training level Four –  25/29 October 2019
more details will be added soon…

Constellation in London. A date will be added soon

This is where Charaka’s lives so dates are added often please call for information.

No dates at this moment, Hereford is a easy journey from Manchester both by train and car many people come to Hereford from Manchester.